Ultra large and soft flood coating plates for printing color or coatings on corrugated board:

  • Maximum 60" wide by 118"
  • For all corrugated presses
  • Soft 28A Durometer = no board crush
  • Light weight
  • Resistant to damage from handling
  • Good ink transfer
  • Rolls / folds in any direction
  • Optional side rolling for shipping and crew ease of handling


We created this product to meet the corrugated industry’s need for larger and softer printing plates for printing large solid areas. Conventional rubber and photopolymer materials are not available in soft durometer and large sizes.

The S.A.R. matt plates are light weight, soft, and flexible. They print with less board crush, better ink transfer and are less susceptible to handling damage than rubber or photopolymer.

The tractor lead edge J-Bar allows the plate to be side rolled for shipping and storage and also allows the plate to be rolled/folded forward, backwards and sideways without causing delamination, dents or wrinkles.

They are custom made to the customer’s specifications for thickness, mounting and lock-up system.

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S.A.R. Ultra Large Flood Coating Plates (PDF)

S.A.R. Ultra Large Flood Coating Plates Tractor Lead Edge (PDF)

S.A.R. Run with higher impression (PDF)